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From SimpleSet to SW-250 Computer Setworks

In the ever-evolving world of band sawing, leveraging the latest advancements can vastly improve efficiency and precision. One compelling instance of this is the decision by an LT35HD Woodmizer owner to integrate our SW-250 computer setworks, equipped with the Micron-LITE control panel, alongside the Woodmizer's SimpleSet computer setworks.

Why Invest in a New Sawmill When You Can Upgrade?

There's a common misconception that acquiring advanced setworks capabilities requires investing in an entirely new sawmill. However, as our showcased LT35HD owner has demonstrated, this isn't the case. With Micron computer setworks, you can seamlessly upgrade your existing mill, adding layers of efficiency and precision without the hefty price tag of a new machine.

The Dual-Functionality Approach

For many sawmill operators, the LT35HD's SimpleSet serves as a basic tool for daily operations. And often it is not enough functions that SimpleSet setworks offer. By integrating the SW-250 with his existing SimpleSet, our showcased LT35HD owner ensured he could tap into the advanced features of the SW-250 setworks when needed, while still retaining the option to revert to the SimpleSet's basic functionalities. This thoughtful integration acts as a safety net, ensuring that even if one system faces challenges, the other can still be relied upon, ensuring uninterrupted milling operations.

Presenting the SW-350-PRO Series

While the merits of the SW-250 are evident in the above integration, we're thrilled to unveil our latest offering: the SW-350-PRO setworks series. Crafted for maximum adaptability, the SW-350-PRO promises easy integration with almost any band sawmill design, opening the door to even more advanced milling capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The sawing landscape is brimming with opportunities for those willing to innovate and adapt. The fusion of the SW-250 computer setworks in the Woodmizer’s LT35HD serves as a testament to the possibilities. And if questions arise, remember our team is always ready to answer to all your questions.


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