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About Us
Our controllers have been helping to automate horizontal, and vertical sawmills of any design.

Also, edgers, resaws, etc.

Mikron LT is a Lithuanian company based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We create strong, reliable, and user-friendly automation solutions for your wood production needs.

Our commitment is to deliver intuitive and reliable products that streamline your wood production processes. We prioritize user clarity, ensuring that our systems are easy to comprehend and operate.

We believe that a system is only as good as its parts. That's why at Mikron LT, we only use high-quality parts to build our automation systems.

Our products are being used in over 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Austria, Romania, Poland, and more.

At Mikron LT, we are the best place to find the latest automation systems for your band sawmill.


We don't just help customers who already have machines – we are also proud to work with famous sawmill producers.

Some of our partners are top companies like Serra from Germany, Logosol from Sweden, Wintersteiger from Austria, and others. They trust us to make their machines better with our solutions. This teamwork makes sure their new machines are the best in performance, efficiency, and innovation.

With a rich legacy of excellence and an unwavering vision of the future of automation in woodworking, Mikron LT is paving the way forward.

Join us in revolutionizing industries, supporting businesses, and unlocking new horizons.


Unique Technologies
For more than 15 years, Micron controllers have been helping to automate horizontal and vertical sawmills of any design. This is accomplished through unique classicAction® and fastAction® algorithms of positioning

fastAction® algorithm

The built-in algorithm of positioning with contactors - fastAction® has replaced the classicAction® algorithm. Positioning is faster and more stable now.


Currently, it is possible to connect a two-speed motor - the controller selects one or another speed.

SMART technology

The unique SMART technology for communication between the displacement sensor and the control panel guarantees protection against various EMI interferences and helps to determine whether the cable is damaged.


And thus saves time on diagnosis and possible repair.

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