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*For US Customers Only: Customers from the US typically receive the computer setworks without the need to pay customs duties or any other taxes. Delivery via UPS/DHL/FedEx express is included in the price and will be displayed as zero at the checkout. 


In today's competitive landscape, computer setworks isn't just an accessory — it's a necessity. To remain relevant and efficient in the market, sawyers must embrace technological advancements.

Thanks to our company's extensive know-how, the computer setworks integrates seamlessly with almost any band sawmill of any design. Our expertise ensures that the setworks fit as if it was originally installed by the sawmill producers themselves. This guarantees optimal performance and a perfect match for your equipment. Many who have installed the SW-350-PRO find their work easier and more enjoyable with our system.


With the SW-350-PRO, there's no need to invest heavily in an entirely new sawmill. Upgrade your current equipment, tapping into the precision and efficiency that modern sawmilling demands.


With the SW-350-PRO, you cut more lumber and significantly reduce waste, all while saving precious time. It's not just a tool—it's your trusted partner in sawmilling, helping to achieve precise board thickness and maximizing lumber yield while taking the burden off manual calculations and positioning. 


Built on the foundation of the Micron-PRO sawmill controller, the SW-350-PRO setworks is a result of over 15 years of relentless dedication to developing top-notch automation for band sawmills of any design. This setworks is not a mere add-on; it is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of sawmills—whether you run a Woodmizer or a TimberKing, or even if you've crafted a homemade sawmill.


    User-Friendly Design: We made sure that anyone can use the computer setworks, no matter their experience level. It’s built to last in tough sawmill conditions. Transitioning from manual readings and scales to digital precision has never been easier. Whether you operate in the imperial or metric system, the choice is at your fingertips.


    Universal Compatibility: Installation of the setworks is as simple as it gets, and can be effortlessly installed on sawmills brands like Woodmizer, Baker, Cooks, Woodland Mills, TimberKing, and even homemade sawmills (and many other sawmill brands).


    To see a video example click here.


    Versatile Cutting Modes: The SW-350-PRO offers a wide range of cutting modes tailored to diverse sawmilling needs. Whether you're engaged in traditional methods or exploring modern techniques, this setworks ensures precision and efficiency at every step.


    • Board-by-Board Mode: Allows for meticulous cutting, board by board from the top. Kerf thickness is always included into account.
    • Boards Lists Mode: Provides calculations for cuts starting from the saw table, moving upwards. Kerf thickness is always included into account.
    • GOTO Mode: the sawing head can be positioned at any height really accuratelly and easy.
    • Veneers/Lamels Mode: Specialized mode designed for the thin slicing of veneers or lamels, ensuring consistent thickness and quality.

    Also, we offer turn-key solutions for such sawmills (links): 

    Woodmizer's LT35, 40, 50, 70 [SW-350-PRO-WM]


    Norwood sawmills [SW-350-PRO-NRWD]

    Cooks sawmills [SW-350-PRO-CK]

    Versatile Powering Options: Easily powered by 12V portable band sawmill battery and compatible up to 24V.


    Advanced Motor Control: Efficiently operates with AC, DC motors, electric winch, and hydraulic systems.


    Super Software: Continuously adjusts to your saw head's movements, optimizing performance. You don’t need to modify the mechanical or electrical part of the sawmill for the SW-350-PRO installation and usage. 


    Efficient Thickness Setting: With the SW-350-PRO, specify the desired board thickness either through quick-select sizes (S1-S4) or direct keyboard input. No cumbersome incremental adjustments are required.


    Robust Construction: Engineered to endure challenging conditions, the SW-350-PRO remains attached to your sawmill during transportation and is resistant to environmental factors. Our commitment to quality shines through in the SW-350-PRO. Every component, whether sourced from European or US brands, is meticulously chosen to ensure durability and performance. We take pride in delivering only the best. 


    Safety and Warranty: The tool's self-diagnostic capabilities ensure optimal operational parameters for added safety. To further our commitment to quality, a one-year warranty accompanies the product.


    SPRT-500 Sensor Included: Designed for simplicity, the installation of this sensor is straightforward. Connecting it is a breeze thanks to the plug-and-play connector.


    Dedicated Support: We understand the intricacies of sawmilling operations. Should you have questions regarding installation or any other aspect of the SW-350-PRO, our team is readily available to provide expert guidance.


    The SW-350-PRO setworks kit equips you with all essential installation components:

    • SW-350-PRO control panel with IP65 protection, ensuring it stands resilient against environmental factors.
    • The SPRT-500 sensor (wire length can be specified during the order)
    • Essential mounting hardware like bolts, bracket, screws, and nuts for seamless sensor and setworks control panel installation.
    • A comprehensive instruction manual to guide you every step of the way.
    • Plus, some additional components to enhance your installation process.


    SW-350-PRO computer setworks are a must-have for any sawmilling operation looking to increase yield and productivity while maintaining ease of use and flexibility.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help. You can reach us via the contact form on our website, email us at, or call us at 678-399-1995. Call Hours: 6 AM - 3 PM EST/EDT.

    Universal computer setworks - SW-350-PRO

    • Our company can offer you a diverse range of unique and highly qualitative computer setworks for any band sawmill of any design.
      As a distributor, you can expect a highly dedicated partner and the best possible support.

      If you're ready to take the next step and become a distributor, please contact us today at for more information.

      Let us help you take your business to the next level with our high-quality computer setworks for band sawmills.

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