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Computer Setworks for Woodmizer LT15 Band Sawmill

For many woodworking professionals, the Woodmizer LT15 band sawmill is a staple in their operations. However, a growing number of LT15 owners find themselves desiring added functionalities. Their primary aspiration? To seamlessly integrate a lifting motor and computer setworks without the need for a brand new, high-priced sawmill.

You want to kick things up a notch without spending a small fortune on a whole new sawmill. Enter the SW-350-PRO. Game-changer.

Computer setworks for Woodmizer band sawmill

The Wonders of SW-350-PRO

The SW-350-PRO is not merely an upgrade; it's a complete revamp. This computer setworks ushers in a new era of efficiency and precision for the LT15, facilitating automatic sawing head positioning to the next cutting point. The kerf thickness is automatically accounted for, guaranteeing the accuracy of each cut.

The SPRT-500 - sensor for any sawmill

The SPRT-500 sensor is included as a standard part of the SW-350-PRO set. To make the installation easy, this set also comes with a special bracket, bolts, and nuts made just for setting up this sensor.

The SPRT-500 sensor is crafted from metal and undergoes CNC processing, rendering it ideally suited for the challenging conditions of a sawmill environment, known for abundant dust and moisture. Its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand tough conditions and continue to function optimally.

The primary task of the SPRT-500 sensor is to keep track of the movements of the sawing head and send this important data directly to the setworks control panel. Having this accurate information is key to making sure cuts are exact and the machinery is working as it should.

Hooking up the SPRT-500 sensor is a straightforward job. It has a strong connector with IP67 protection, meaning it can be attached to the setworks panel in about 5 seconds, and it’s made to prevent any mix-ups during the connection. This way, sawyers can be sure that they’re setting everything up correctly, ensuring smooth operation in their work.

LT15 sensor installation SPRT-500

Versatility Across Woodmizer Sawmills

The brilliance of the SW-350-PRO isn't limited to the LT15. It's versatile enough to be installed on various Woodmizer's sawmills including the LT20, LT35, LT40, LT70, and other models. This ensures that irrespective of the sawmill model you possess, you can access the transformative benefits of the SW-350-PRO.

Manual Mode: The Stepping Stone to Automation

For those easing into the world of automated sawmilling, the SW-350-PRO offers a manual mode. Even in this mode, the setworks handles all mathematical calculations, lightening your load. Instead of automatic positioning, the setworks display guides you, showing you precisely where to position the saw head. Users simply need to move the saw head to the next cutting location until the 'dot' between the arrows on the special setworks display starts blinking.

Once you're ready to take the leap to complete automation, especially after equipping your sawmill with the lifting motor, the transition is straightforward. With a few tweaks in the settings, the computer setworks can be switched to automatic mode effortlessly.

You can move away from the manual hand crank and integrate a DC motor or an electrical 12V winch. The suggested connection schematic is shown below.

Computer setworks connection schematics

The computer setworks can control the DC lifting motor or electrical winch via a winch relay.

Wrapping Up

Woodworking is an honorable craft, and the tools should reflect that. The SW-350-PRO computer setworks is a straightforward and great tool!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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