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Micron Computer Setworks: How To Integrate

Over time, a common query from our valued customers has been, "How can I install computer setworks on my bandmill?"

SW-350-PRO computer setworks

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Installing the SPRT-500 Sensor:

The SPRT-500, a wired sensor, is engineered to precisely measure the displacement of your sawing head.

  • Installation Simply position the sensor atop your sawing head, and connect the cable ring to the saw head. All the essential brackets and bolts are included in the set.

  • Customization The sensor wire's length is adjustable based on your needs. Specify your desired length when placing an order via our website or through a phone call.

  • Durability Crafted from robust metal, the SPRT-500 sensor is purpose-built for sawmill conditions, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

2. Setting Up the Micron Control Panel:

This is where technology harmonizes with your sawmill's operations. Micron computer setworks can control a wide range of lifting motors, including DC, AC, hydraulic motors, etc.

  • Mounting Along with the control panel, we provide screws to ensure you can securely mount it onto a plate, making it both stable and accessible.

  • For DC Motors with a Toggle Switch (or Rocker Switch) After integrating a winch relay, simply connect your existing toggle switch to this relay. The Micron setworks will efficiently handle movement, allowing you to use your toggle switch just as before.

  • For Sawing Heads with a Winch Just connect the winch relay to the winch, and the computer setworks effortlessly takes care of the winch's positioning.

  • For Hydraulic Motors Link the Micron setworks to the existing electromechanical valves, and the system will work in tandem with the valves already present on your sawmill.

  • For DC Motors (under 40 Amps) Our specially designed SW-350-PRO-NRWD setworks, perfect for sawmills like Norwood, is the way to go. This variant comes with a built-in relay-based driver for the DC motor. Should you ever face relay issues, replacements are conveniently accessible.

  • For Asynchronous Motors (controlled by contactors) Effortlessly connect the setworks either to the contactors' coils or directly to the up/down buttons.

3. Connecting the SPRT-500 Sensor to the Control Panel:

Once the sensor is secured, it's a matter of linking it to the control panel using the preconnected connector, a staple in models like the SW-350-PRO. Think of it as plugging a charger into a socket (very easy).

4. Powering Up:

The Micron setworks panel is compatible with a 12-24 VDC range. Depending on your setup, draw power either from a car battery fitted to your band sawmill or from an AC to DC converter if your sawmill runs on electricity.

5. Configuring the Setworks:

After installation, there's a brief initial setup. Adjust essential parameters like minimum and maximum height, among a few others. This usually takes about 10 minutes. Plus, our computer setworks boasts a special embedded machine-learning algorithm. This intelligent feature learns the parameters of the up/down movement of the saw head, ensuring precise and accurate positioning.


Micron computer setworks is synonymous with adaptability and ease. Whether you have an old or new band sawmill, this technological enhancement assures a boost in precision and operational efficiency. With our guide, integrating Micron computer setworks into your operations is a smooth journey.

There's no need to invest in a brand new sawmill to enjoy these advanced features. Continue using your familiar, trusted sawmill – the one you know inside out, down to every bolt – and simply upgrade it with Micron computer setworks.

The most universal setworks version is SW-350-PRO.

Upgrade your sawmill operations today!


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