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*For US Customers Only: Customers from the US typically receive the Micron-PRO without the need to pay customs duties.



The Micron-PRO is a premier computer setworks (or electric setworks, or sawmill controller) that elevates the capabilities of sawmills worldwide. Micron-PRO is designed to ensure accurate and swift positioning of the saw head, driving enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and maximized lumber yield. Forget manual calculations —trust Micron-PRO to be your dependable partner in achieving precise board thickness and heightened productivity.


The Micron-PRO marks the advanced evolution from the Micron-LITE sawmill controller.


Installation Ease

Installing the Micron-PRO is a straightforward process that does not require any modification to the electrical or mechanical parts of your sawmill. For those seeking an even simpler installation process, we highly recommend considering our turn-key solutions, particularly the SW-350-PRO.


Measurement Systems

Micron-PRO is adaptable to your region and operational needs. You can order it tailored for:

  • Both imperial and metric measurement systems.

  • Just the metric measurement system.


Package Details

Every Micron-PRO sawmill controller set comes complete with:

  • SPRT-500 SMART sensor with a bracket, bolts, and nuts for the installation

  • A set of 3 relays for DIN rail installation.

  • A current sensor (for electric sawmills)  

  • Additional components that are necessary for seamless installation.


Why Choose Micron-PRO?

  • Top-of-the-Class: Recognized as the best in its domain, chosen by leading sawmills manufacturers.

  • Built to Last: With a specially crafted display and keyboard, each key can endure up to 6 million presses.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy to navigate, designed to enhance operator efficiency.

  • Advanced Tech Integration: Features a patented technology, promising durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Compatibility: Can easily control one or two-speed motors, catering to diverse sawmill requirements.


Main Features

  • Precision Cutting: Automatically take into account the kerf thickness, ensuring accuracy with every cut.

  • Operational Efficiency: Boosts the effectiveness of sawmill operators through specialized clues.

  • Temperature Resilient: Operates efficiently within a range of -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F), adaptable to diverse weather conditions.

  • Safety Protocols: Monitors the cutting motor load, warning of potential main cutting motor overloads (for electric sawmills only).

  • Dependable Connectivity: Utilizes a unique protocol to maintain a secure link between the sensor and control panel.


Advanced Functions

  • Accurate saw positioning.

  • Kerf thickness consideration in every positioning.

  • Multiple sawing modes including top-down board by-board and from calculations from bottom to top. 

  • Convenient board list compilations.

  • Operator tips for optimal board list creations.

  • Specialized program for log-to-lamella sawing.

  • Versatile sawblade movement modes.

  • Quick access to sizes and lists

  • Can control dual-speed motor.

  • Decimal precision for board thickness.

  • Built-in self-diagnostic capabilities.

  • Handy automatic positioning to specific heights.

  • fastAction positioning algorithm and machine drive adaptability.

  • Visualization of positioning processes.

  • Option to connect two additional buttons for enhanced operator convenience.


Delivery & Support

  • Delivery: Costs for delivery will be calculated during the purchase process to ensure transparency.

  • Customer Support: Our unwavering commitment ensures that all necessary technical information is provided before and post-purchase.


In the demanding world of sawmilling, the sawmill controller Micron-PRO stands out not just as a tool, but as a trusted companion. Crafted to optimize efficiency, cut down waste, and amplify productivity, it represents a valuable investment in modern sawmill operations.

Equip your sawmill with the power and precision of Micron-PRO today!


**For order a different sensor in the set please contact us before the order. Price can vary depending on the chosen sensor.


Micron-PRO set

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