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*For US Customers Only: Customers from the US typically receive the computer setworks without the need to pay customs duties. Delivery via DHL Express is included in the price and will be displayed as zero at the checkout. 


Introducing the SW-250 Computer Setworks, a groundbreaking solution engineered to elevate your sawmilling operation's efficiency and output. Whether you're a passionate hobbyist or a high-production mill, the SW-250 is a versatile turnkey system adaptable to nearly any band sawmill design, be it a Woodmizer, Norwood, Baker, Cooks, Woodland Mills, or even a custom-made sawmill.


Now, are also, offering a more advanced SW-350-PRO which is an evolution of the SW-250.


The SW-250 Computer Setworks boasts a user-friendly design, eliminating the need for permanent modifications to your sawmill and ensuring a straightforward and trouble-free installation process. Once in place, this ingenious system takes care of all the intricate calculations, allowing you to concentrate on your mill's production output. It also provides quick and convenient tips for calculating and displaying the board list, enabling you to maximize your sawmill's efficiency and productivity.


With a simple click, the SW-250 accurately segments logs into boards of the desired thickness, thoughtfully considering the kerf thickness. This meticulous attention to detail ensures precise and swift positioning of the saw for cutting, making every cut count.


Furthermore, the Computer Setworks monitors the cutting motor's load during the operation, alerting the operator to potential overload scenarios, thus safeguarding your main cutting motor (AC). It also includes self-diagnostic features that keep track of height limits, preventing any unwanted deviations.


Designed with an intuitive interface tailored to band sawmill operators, the SW-250 ensures that operators of all experience levels can swiftly grasp its functionality and harness its capabilities.


In the demanding sawmill environment, the SW-250 Computer Setworks stands its ground. It's constructed to endure the harsh conditions commonly found near sawmills, delivering consistent performance day after day. Its operating range spans from -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F), ensuring efficient functionality in diverse weather conditions.


At our company, customer support is paramount. We provide our customers with comprehensive technical information both before and after their purchase, ensuring a seamless experience.


In conclusion, the SW-250 Computer Setworks is an essential addition to any sawmilling operation aspiring to boost yield and productivity while maintaining user-friendliness and adaptability. Elevate your sawmill's performance with the SW-250 and witness the transformation in your operations.

SW-250 computer setworks

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    Otherwise, they must pay an additional 21% VAT tax on the order.

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    For orders paid via wire transfer (SWIFT payment), there is 1.4% discount.

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