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*For US Customers Only: Customers from the US typically receive the computer setworks without the need to pay customs duties or any other taxes. Delivery via UPS/DHL/FedEx express is included in the price and will be displayed as zero at the checkout. 


We are excited to introduce the SW-350-PRO-WM, a computer setworks system designed specifically for Woodmizer sawmills. This advanced technology is compatible with Woodmizer models from any production year, integrating seamlessly as if it were installed directly from the production line. Enjoy enhanced performance and precision with our expertly designed setworks system.


Using Micron computer setworks (also known as electric setworks), you can produce more lumber and drastically cut down on waste, all in a shorter time frame. It's more than just a piece of equipment—it's a reliable ally in your sawmilling process, ensuring exact board dimensions, boosting lumber yield, and eliminating the need for manual math and adjustments.


What Makes SW-350-PRO-WM Special:

  • Built for Better Integration: This setworks is a refined version of the SW-350-PRO, complete with an added wire for the drum switch. And the best part? No need to alternate between manual and auto modes. If you need to raise the saw head - just pull the drum switch up, that's simple.

  • Accurate and Efficient:  Micron computer setworks helps get the most out of your lumber and saves you from doing manual calculations.

  • Years of Experience: Our setworks use the Micron-PRO sawmill controller, which is built on 15 years of experience in automating band sawmills of all kinds.


Easy Installation:

Here’s what you get with the SW-350-PRO-WM:

  • A control panel with IP65 protection against dirt and water.
  • The SPRT-500 sensor with preconnected wire.
  • Basic setup tools like bolts, brackets, screws, and nuts.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Some extra parts to make installation smoother.

All the wires are already connected to the setworks panel, making setup easier. Both the sensor and control panel have IP 67 connectors to prevent wrong connections.


Key Benefits:

  • Simpler Operations: You don't need to do the math; the setworks do it for you. This lets you focus more on your work.

  • Precision: The setworks help cut logs into boards of the right thickness. It even accounts for the cut's thickness, ensuring every cut is just right.

  • User-Friendly: We made sure that anyone can use the computer setworks, no matter their experience level. It’s built to last in tough sawmill conditions.


Adaptable Cutting Modes for Every Need:

The computer setworks isn't just a piece of equioment; it's a versatile tool that fits the way you work. We've packed it with a range of cutting modes to make sure you get the most out of every log:

  • Board-by-Board Mode: Looking for precision in every cut? This mode lets you cut in the "top to the down" mode. And don't worry about the kerf thickness; the setworks takes it into account every time.

  • Boards Lists Mode: This mode is especially handy after making one or two top cuts and rotating the log. It efficiently calculates the initial cut point to ensure that your final board is of the desired thickness. What's more, the computer setworks offer helpful hints during this mode, aiding the operator in effortlessly entering the board's list and maximizing yield from each log. As is the standard, the kerf thickness is automatically accounted for, ensuring precision in every cut.

  • GOTO Mode: Want to position the sawing head at a specific height? With GOTO mode, you can set it quickly and accurately.

  • Veneers/Lamels Mode: If you're into making veneers or lamels, this mode ensures each slice is uniform in thickness and top-notch in quality.


These modes ensure that whether you're sticking to tried-and-true methods or testing out new techniques, the SW-350-PRO-WM setworks guarantee precision and efficiency every time you sawing.


Extra Info:

The setworks can work in temperatures from -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F). 


Our team is here to help you with any information you need before and after purchase.

If you're looking to boost your sawmill's productivity, this computer setworks is a great tool to have.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help. You can reach us via the contact form on our website, email us at, or call us at 678-399-1995. Call Hours: 6 AM - 3 PM EST/EDT.

Computer setworks for Woodmizer sawmills

  • Our company can offer you a diverse range of unique and highly qualitative computer setworks for any band sawmill of any design.
    As a distributor, you can expect a highly dedicated partner and the best possible support.

    If you're ready to take the next step and become a distributor, please contact us today at for more information.

    Let us help you take your business to the next level with our high-quality computer setworks for band sawmills.

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