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CL-92E is a sensor that must be integrated into the mechanical structure of the part of the sawmill that is responsible for the up/down movement (motor gearbox, screw, etc). The body of the sensor is made of metal and CNC machined with pretentious precision.

When using the CL-92E, the design of the up/down mechanism (thread pitch, etc.) does not matter, that is a big advantage of this sensor.


• Additional protection against various EMI

• Easy maintenance and connection

• IP 65

• Industrial Push-Pull connector

• Built-in LED on the sensor PCB that shows the connection status


  • Customers from the countries of the European Union are obliged to specify the VAT number when ordering.

    Otherwise, they must pay an additional 21% VAT tax on the order.

    Please write to your :

    • Company name
    • VAT number
    • Company ID
    • Contact person name
    • Company registration address

    For orders paid via wire transfer (SWIFT payment), there is 1.4% discount.

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