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Micron-8.01 is a computer setworks for accurate and fast positioning of the saw head of the machine to the required size for sawing.


Micron-8.01 set can be installed on a horizontal or vertical band sawmill of almost any design. Micron-8.01 has a specially designed display and keypad for the convenience of the band sawmill operator - we have received a lot of positive feedback.


Sawmill electronic scheme modification is NOT required to install Micron-8.01. So, any electrician can repair and service the machine.


Micron-8.01 has superior EMI protection. Micron-8.01 does not require additional programming, just “install, set, and run".



- Accurate and fast positioning of the saw for sawing

- The kerf thickness of the cut is always taken into account when positioning for sawing

- Top-down sawing mode board by board

- Compiling a list of boards when calculating from the bottom up to get the last board of the required size

- “Quick list” of boards based on how high the saw is located

- Three types of tips for the operator to compile the optimal list of boards

- Built-in special program for sawing log into lamellas

- Three possible modes of moving sawblade up over the cut (“bump up”)

- Possibility to enter the thickness of the board with a decimal part (for example, 25.5mm)

- Built-in self-diagnosis features. For example, the Micron-8.01 controller always knows where the minimum and maximum values ​​are in height and will never go beyond these values ​​and even more.

- Button for automatic positioning to the entered height. This feature allows the Micron-8.01 to be installed on edgers, resaws, etc.

- the “fastAction” positioning algorithm and automatic adaptation to the type of machine drive (no need to recalibrate 2 times a day)

- Visualization of the positioning process on the size

- Ability to connect two external buttons for more convenient operator work

- Operating temperature from -30 to 55 degrees C.


Micron-8.01 set

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